Atelier infinite AFV 1/144

The page of the shopping cart of an Amazon marketplace opens.
If it clicks English on a shopping cart, it can purchase also from countries other than Japan.
A consumption tax isn't included by sale to Japan oversea.


    i   {̉i z\i 8
G-087     p^[G^

Pz.Kpfw X@Panther `@f Late
Resin cast   Full kit
QCROO~ 2,484~ 184~
GP-0871      hς݊i
Painted finished goods

RCWOO~ 4,104~ 304~
 GP-0872      TChXJ[gȂ
With no side skirt
Daek Yellow@
 RCROO~ 3,564~  264~ 
 GP-0873           bhuE
Red Brown
 RCROO~  3,564~   264~